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How to Show Your Customers that You Care

Question: How do you feel when you notice

  • Foam art in a takeaway coffee from a new spot,

  • A scrumptious-looking biscotti with your tea at the hairdresser, or

  • A massive, crispy onion ring with your burger (even though it wasn't on the menu)?

Kind of special, right? Well, I certainly do.

These gestures, however simple or recycled, came from a special place. Someone consciously decided to enhance your experience with their product or brand. Not because they had to, but likely because they cared—about their image, yes, but also about you.

You should probably do the same thing. That is, add a special touch where you can.

There are simple ways to show your customers or clients that you are proud of your offer and also care about (and appreciate) them. Here are a few ideas you can try:

  1. Send or give them something, for no special reason.

  2. Listen to them—read and respond to their enquiries or blog post comments.

  3. Be aware of significant dates and holidays and use it to offer value or discounts.

  4. Don't talk about what you do. Instead, explain how what you do benefits people.

  5. Out of respect, proofread written communication before you publish or promote it.

  6. Observe local or world trends and determine how they can help improve your offer.

  7. Use your newsletter or social media to reach out and ask them what they want or like. If it's reasonable and achievable, give it to them.

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