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Natascha has a prolific work ethic; ensuring her writing is always meticulously and efficiently done. She has a flair for adapting her creativity and style into a number of brand voices and tones. She is constantly learning and growing her knowledge base. I would highly recommend her as a copywriter and colleague.

- Tish Haridass,
Social Media Specialist

Natascha is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. She has the ability to, despite her workload, be on top of every single project, sometimes even if they aren't her direct responsibility. I believe this is due to her emphasis on creating and maintaining processes which actually add value to any tasks she has to perform.

- Junayd Brink,
Traffic Manager

Natascha is a very hard-working, talented writer. Her initiative and ability to pick up a brief and run with it, is something to be admired. She's a great asset to any team, and works well under tight deadlines.

- Tracey Roberts,
Accounts Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Natascha — on presentations, pitches, articles and SEO copy for landing pages. Natascha is outstanding on all levels. She’s passionate, dynamic, and knowledgeable beyond words.

- Brad Conlin,
SEO Specialist

I have always found Natascha to be funny, quirky, sharp, highly efficient and ORGANISED. She has a good grasp of the digital world. She's always on the cusp of new trends and technologies when it comes to online marketing. The energy and love that Natascha shows, compels others to follow suit. I would consider her when building a winning team. I enjoy working with her and seeing what she brings to the table. It is always creative, valuable and innovative. Keep up the awesome work gurl!

- Zena Rodriguez,
Senior Graphic Designer

Apart from being a well-organised & deadline-driven machine, Natascha also brings a lot of warmth and character to any project or team. Being adaptable and efficient makes her very easy to talk to and collaborate with. I highly recommend her.

- Johan Horn,
Graphic Designer

Natascha has great work ethic and is detail-oriented. She will go the extra mile to help others and organisations achieve success. Natascha would make a great addition to any team.

- Kevin Cogill,
Paid Performance Specialist

It's a real pleasure working with Natascha! She wrote great ads for multiple AdWords campaigns for different clients. She was quick, organised and the ads were perfect. Working with her is fun and she's truly passionate about her work!

- Elizna Cronje,
Digital Marketing Specialist

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