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With a Little Help from My Friends

This blog post is dedicated to everyone who believed in me and supported me in my first (almost) three months of freelancing. What an incredible journey it has been!

From the bottom of my grateful heart: Thank You.

A Little Background

On 1 March 2016, armed with an introduction email in English and Afrikaans, I started reaching out to family, friends, former colleagues and acquaintances.

One thing led to another and by 8 March I had my first short-term contract at an awesome agency – I'm actually still there two days a week.


Since then, I've been blessed with a variety of exciting writing opportunities, across various industries, making the whole experience even more enriching and rewarding.

What My Week Looks Like

Tuesdays through Thursdays I'm in offices doing contract work. This is great, because I get to enjoy a little company culture. Mondays and Fridays I'm at home, working on remote projects, as well as my own marketing and prospecting. I'm also able to benefit from the freedom of a flexible exercise routine and enjoy more time with my dogs. Not to mention healthier (and more affordable) eating habits!

The Future

I couldn't be more excited about this new journey and where it will lead. So far I've met lovely people, worked on awesome brands and completed projects I'm really proud of.

Thanks again if you've motivated me, inspired me, recommended me or just listened to me talking about "my new life" every time I see you. You're the best!

Here's to the next chapter!

of stimulating tasks.

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