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Rise Above the Buzz


The effort it takes to stay up to date with marketing trends, digital innovations and "best-practices" can be overwhelming, confusing or just plain annoying.

I mean, all you really want to do is keep on giving your customers or clients what they want. The problem is, their needs and desires keep changing and your message or offering simply gets lost along the way.

So, how are you supposed to get their attention back – and keep it? Well, you can make a prediction or take an educated guess... or you can hit pause to see what other businesses are doing. After all, trends emerge from new human needs, expectations and behaviours.

Formula: Anticipate = Acknowledge = Apply

So, if you watch out for new innovations and market movements you might just be able to address your customers' needs head-on. How? By adapting your message or offering to fit in with their new expectations and needs.


The trick here is to remain sincere and authentic. If any part of your marketing efforts seems even slightly forced or unnatural, people will quickly realise it and immediately reject your efforts. Transparency goes a long way.

Something to Remember

Some innovations have nothing to do with products or sales, but rather mindsets and thoughtful or meaningful gestures. For example, rewarding the good work teachers do with discounts on computer products; sponsoring meals for firefighters at work; or giving your employees the day off on a public holiday that usually brings in massive sales.

Questions to Ponder

What innovations have caught your eye lately?

Can you adapt your offering to apply these new innovations/trends?

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your answers. I would love to know your thoughts.

This blog post was inspired by Trendwatching's February 2016 Trend Briefing – Turn Overwhelm into Opportunity

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