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Social Media

Facebook Promote Page Ad

Brief: Increase Likes for Stormhoek's Facebook Page.


Plan: Appeal to an audience who enjoys life's simple pleasures such as sharing a no-fuss, easy drinking wine with friends and loved ones.


Copy: Stormhoek Wines -- Where good times reign, adventures start and friends get together. Like our page.


Monthly Newsletter

Brief: Write copy for Silverback's New Year's themed newsletter.


Elements to Include: Promote Latest Blog Post; Show a Selection of Products on Offer.


Plan: Inspire road cyclists and mountain bikers to do great things in 2015. 

Print Ad

A5 Newspaper Ad

Brief: Make people aware of Kathea's wide range of products and solutions.


Plan: Play on people's need for audio & video products that exceed expectations. 


Copy: SOUND & VIDEO SOLUTIONS FOR EVERYONE from audiophiles and fitness fanatics to business owners in need of video and voice conferencing packages.

Website Content

ABOVE: Company Features & Benefits

Brief: Refine value proposition & summarise main features & benefits of  company to provide business overview.

Plan: Tell people what the company does, how they do it and why people should consider them. 


BELOW: Company Services Process

Brief: Explain how the company creates travel solutions for customers/businesses and why it's beneficial.

Plan: Explain the process clearly and concisely while highlighting benefits to prospective clients.


Social Media

ABOVE: Facebook Carousel

Brief: Promote Weylandts' Kitchen Homeware with a Carousel Ad that links to the website.

Plan: Show beautiful, popular products and tell people how they can use them.

Text: Create, serve and dine in style with unique diningware, tableware and glassware.


Product Descriptions: Use limited characters provided to describe product (use, characteristics, etc.).


BELOW: Facebook Carousel Ad

Brief: Promote Weylandts' Bedroom Homeware with a Carousel Ad that links to the website..

Plan: Show beautiful, popular products and tell people how they can use them.Product

Text: Set the scene for lasting blissful slumber with irresistible materials and bold elements.


Product Descriptions: Use limited characters provided to describe product (materials used, colour, etc.). 

Clicks to Website Ads 

Brief: Use a Facebook ad to encourage people to view Weylandts tables on their website.


Plan: While keeping brand tone and language in mind, write an enticing CTA (call to action) that wil convince people to explore the Weylandts table range. 


Text: Explore exquisitely crafted tables.


Link Title: Find the Table for You

Link Description: From clean-lined and geometric to rustic and organic creations. Discover our table ranges.

Blog Post

SEO Blog Post

Brief: Come up with a topic related to storage; do the required research; provide useful information to readers; optimise content for search engines.


Plan: Identify a human truth (messy garages) that is relevant to the brand (a provider of storage solutions) and offer people useful information that can improve their lives. 

Print Ads

VW Print Ads

Brief: The VW Beetle has just launced. Create two print advertistements that promote brand and product awareness.


Plan: Use obvious truths about the Beetle in a personified manner to firstly educate people about the new product and secondly create brand affection.



Monthly Newsletter

Brief: Use the Cricket World Cup as a tactical marketing opportunity to get in touch with both prospective and 

previous customers by providing relevant event 

information while also promoting a current car special .


Plan: Prepare people for the Cricket World Cup by providing (a) a summary of the event as a whole and (b) basic details for the first two games.


Simple, concise and useful.

Digital Magazine


Tastemakers Journal: 

The Architecture Issue

Brief: Use the interview answers provided and do independent research to create and craft content for the third issue of the Weylandts Tastemakers Journal.


Featured Page: Tastes to Be Shared (discover what Prague and Vegas have to offer in terms of architecture). 


Plan: Present the highlights of the Tastemakers' chosen cities in a succinct, appealing way.


View Architecture Issue

Blog Post

Monthly Blog Post

Brief: Write two blog posts each month related to interior solutions.


Plan: Write a blog post to share useful kitchen storage solutions (related to services and/or products that the client has to offer) to help improve people's lives.


View Blog Post

Website Copy

Website Copy

Brief: Write summaries for varies event planning services.


Plan: Use the limited space provided to convey the features and benefits of event services in a meaningful way that highlights the company's passion and expertise.


View Website

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